Luma III Aurora LED color correct spray paint gun attachment kit

Spray Paint Gun Light

Welcome to the industry-leading manufacturer for all your paint gun light needs. Our mountable lights attach with ease just behind the spray paint gun air cap, allowing for more efficiency and accurate lighting. Our premium-designed spray paint gun light attachment equipment will make your jobs that much easier and minimize material waste and re-dos.

The Aurora is the world’s first and only LED spray paint gun attachment. Bringing new light to the definition of professionalism, and color correct benefits to the world of painting.

The Luma III Aurora fits some of the most popular spray paint gun brands in the world, including SATA, Anest Iwata, DeVilbiss, and more. Built from chemical-resistant and chemical-proof components, the Aurora is perfect for any spray-painting environment. Make sure to check out the rest of our paint gun light models, and add one of them to your cart today.


Matt holding his paint gun LED color correct attachment and Anest Iwata supernova

“I am a painter of almost 30 years and hands down this is THE best tool in any booth”
Matt James, @theairbrushkid

Jay Smith holding a Luma light and Sata spray gun

“Purchasing the Luma III lights was one of the BEST investments I’ve made as a painter.”
Jay Smith, @satasprayer856

Austin Oneil holding his Sata 5000 spray paint gun and LED attachment

“If you don’t have one then you NEED one. It’s changed painting for me in the best way possible.”
Austin O'Neal, @yung_gun_painter

Mikey Conklin using his Luma III Aurora on his Devilbiss Tekna paint spray gun.

“The Luma light is a must have for any painter! The first day I used mine was a game-changer!”
Mikey Conklin, @conklinmikey

Two painters getting ready to paint with their Luma lights.

“This is a must have tool! It is color correct, you can check for coverage and metallic orientation. This tool will pay for itself the first day!”
Aric Heide, @jaheide

Matt Renay using his Luma light

“I’ve been using the Luma light for 2+ years now and I haven’t ever been disappointed with its performance in the slightest. From production painter, to full on custom painter, I highly recommend the Luma light.”
Matt Raney, @matts_candycustomz
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Custom DV1 Clear Coat Gun Giveaway

Custom Painted DV1 Devilbiss HVLP clear coat spray paint gun.

In celebration of our newest spray paint gun light attachment, the DV Aurora Spray Gun Light, we are giving away a custom Luma III DV1 Devibiss clear coat spray gun!

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