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Spray Gun Light Attachment

EXODUS Spray Paint Gun

Optimized for speed, material transfer, and ease of use, the EXODUS has amazing color coverage, metallic consistency, pearl coat uniformity for obtaining the required clear coat finish.

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Air Hose Hang System

Magnetic Wall Hanger
Designed by Professional Painters
Withstands Booth Bake Cycles up to 200º F.
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Luma III Spray Case

Spray Gun Hangers
Spray Bottle Hangers
Ample storage for all your accessories
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Luma III Spray Suit

Made from gridded anti-static polyester, the Luma III anti-static spray paint suit is durable, comfortable, lightweight, and built for the most demanding painters. Available in Men & Women’s Sizes / Fits.

Anti-Static. Lightweight. Comfortable. Cool.

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Luma III Snap-2 adapter attached to paint spray gun

Snap-2 Universal Mount

This universal mount fits all of the most popular spray paint gun models and provides a sturdy, smooth, and fast mounting system for the SunPro.

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Anti-Static Air Hose

Lightweight, durable and designed for painting. Our Anti-static Air Hose is built for volume, offering a profile that is 20% smaller than the leading competitors.

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High Flow Paint Fittings

Built for volume, our High Flow Paint Fittings and Couplers are the perfect option for any paint setup. Quick attachment and multiple options keep you moving in the booth.

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3-Stage Filtration System

Long lasting filters, Sintered, Coalescing and Desiccant. Removes 99.99% of moisture, oil and debris particles – up to 0.01 Micron. Aluminum monoblock body, shatter-proof filter housings, filter health indicator for consistent performance checks.

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Save BIG with Luma III Bundles!

With multiple bundles to choose from, you’re guaranteed to get the gear you need to take your booth game to the next level!

Build Your Own Bundle and SAVE BIG! Choose 2 or more of our industry-leading spray paint gun products and accessories and get an immediate discount!

Customer Reviews

Luma III has built its reputation on quality products and genuine customer service. We know the demands of spray painting in a booth which has led us to develop some of the industries’ greatest innovations.

I’m Amazed at how good that Gun sprays with such a Small Air Cap! Atomization and Color Transfer is Incredible! It’s Definitely much Brighter and makes it much much easier to Spot any areas that need more Paint laid down!
Carlos Sosa
The Luma iii sun pro has been awesome for increasing my efficiency and has made color match and checking for transparency much more convenient. This light allows you to see all the imperfections while spraying so you can take care of them immediately.
Amy Bogner
The Exodus and SunPro are the ultimate combo for getting the best results possible. […] Metallic orientation is a breeze with the Exodus. The SunPro provides the perfect lighting. The colour correct light is ideal for checking colour matches from your spray out cards. Very high-quality stuff that’s going to improve your paint jobs guaranteed.
Marshal Cameron
These gun/light combos are money!!!!! Every true refinisher should have them!
Keith Jones
It was love at first sight, the light helps in many ways as the spray booth has some dark spots but specially with checking the coverage of the colour […]. Now the boys of Luma III upgraded their products and make a spray gun which’s well balanced the gun is super light and sprays nicely.
Albi the Painter