Innovative Refinishing Tools

Luma III Inc. (Luma 3) is a manufacturing company based out of Wichita KS. We have the vision of developing new innovative products designed specifically for the following industries: Auto-body, aviation, marine, locomotive, industrial, and architectural. We specifically design products for those industries that have painting, top-coat, powder-coating, wreckage, and refinishing departments. The processes in those departments can be a tedious and time-consuming process and Luma III has found that those industries can always be improving with new technology.

After extensive research developing and testing prototypes in multiple refinishing fields, Luma III, Inc found that improvements can always be made to those processes and have made it our passion to increase efficiency rates, decrease labor hours, and decrease material use by implementing affordable new technology to the refinishing industry.

Our current addres is:

1809 S Hoover Rd, Suite 101
Wichita KS, 67209

Out stretched are using a sata spray gun and a Luma III Aurora LED spray paint gun attachment