Our “IN THE BOOTH” series features the incredibly skilled paint technician Brian, from Paint Society. In the videos below, Brian gives an in depth look at the uses and benefits of  Luma 3 products. 

Brian’s process inside of the spray booth is un-paralleled and incredibly informative. If you have any additional questions about the products we build please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the contact page.

LED Spray Paint Gun Attachment

Aurora Spray Gun Light Unboxing & Attachment

Easy Fitment

Brian shows the unboxing and attachment process of our premium LED spray paint gun attachment, the Aurora 2. Our color correct LED spray gun light attachments mount to some of the most popular spray paint guns within the industry, such as SATA, Anest Iwata, Devilbiss and more. 

View this product and spray gun fitments HERE!

Spray Gun Light Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy Clean

In this video, Brian shows us some best practices when cleaning your Luma III spray gun light attachments. Our light attachments are built with chemical resistant components that withstand solvents and tough thinners. A simple wipe down of our product with some thinner will keep it clean for the next round of painting  without damaging the light. 

View this product and spray gun fitments HERE!

Air Hose Hang System

Unboxing and use of Luma III AHHS

Clean Air Hose

Almost 100% of the time a dirty air hose can result in a dirt spray job. In this video Brian breaks down the quick benefits of our Air Hose Hang System and discusses how easy it is to setup and use.

View this product and spray gun fitments HERE!

Luma III Spray Suit

Our Premium Spray Suit Design

Lightweight and Innovative

Brian dives into our newest spray suit design, that features ultra venting, knee pads, a lightweight fit, and more! This is not just any spray suit, this is a spray suit that is made for the booth.

View this product and spray gun fitments HERE!