The Aurora is the world’s first and only LED spray paint gun attachment. Bringing new light to the definition of professionalism, and color correct benefits to the world of painting.

The Luma III Aurora fits some of the most popular spray paint gun brands in the world, including SATA, Anest Iwata, DeVilbiss, and more. Built from chemical-resistant and chemical-proof components, the Aurora is perfect for any spray-painting environment. 

Luma III LED spray paint gun attachment and battery system


Conveniently gives the painter the ability to accurately visualize base coat coverage, metallic/pearl orientation and the atomization of clear coats all while in the process of the paint application.

Visualization of wetness during the clear coat application heavily assists in the reduction of orange peel in the finished product, thus reducing buffing time and material waste.

Offering convenient color matching capabilities, the Aurora operates at 4500 Kelvin (roughly 91 CRI), which is relative to sunlight hitting the earth around noon. The Aurora allows painters to more accurate visualize panel blends while in the process of refinishing.


• Built from C12 chemical resistant composites

• Chemical resistant glass lenses

• Ergonomic design, spray gun specific

• Sealed with epoxy – aiding in durability, lightweight (under 3 oz) and lacquer/solvent resistant. Outside can be cleaned just like your spray gun

• Color correct LED’s emit 4500 K (roughly 91 CRI)

• 450 lumens of light spread

• The Aurora includes:

    • (2) 9V rechargeable batteries
    • (1) US battery charger
    • Each fully charged battery will run the Aurora for roughly 2 hours.