Community Outreach

We Are Passionate About Our Work and Our Community!

It is easy to take life’s basic needs for granted, however many people face more of a challenge when it comes to their daily or monthly routine. 

To help families in need, we donate a portion of website sales to the programs below. And if you are as passionate as we are, you are welcome to donate as well.

2nd Chance Rides

Our Luma III developed program, 2nd Chance Rides, provides vehicles to families in need. Transportation is easily overlooked as one of life’s basic needs and can make a world of difference to busy families without.

We donate a portion of every sale made through our website towards this program and have teamed up with a local staffing agency, ESS, to provide refurbished vehicles to underprivileged  households, allowing families the opportunity to overcome their transportation challenges.

Learn more about their journey, the vehicles we build, the families in need, and how you can help below.

Laundry Love in 4 Cities

Participating in Laundry Love from month to month has been an event that is close to our hearts.

Laundry Love (Wichita, KS) provides free launder services, toiletries, and clothing once a month to under privileged families. Clean clothes can change lives.

This is a concept that not many understand, and you don’t quite understand it until you have experienced it.