As we continue to grow and innovate, we are consistently looking for new and efficient ways to put our products into the hands of our customers.

We are teaming up with reputable affiliates and resellers, offering opportunities for both you and our customers. Take a look at the programs below to better understand which best suits you, and then simply apply.

Affiliate Program

Aurora2 Spray Paint Gun Light Orange Paint Job

Our Affiliate program is a hands off influencer based system that allows eligible applicants to sell Luma III products without ever needing to stock items, worry about part #’s or bother with shipping. We take care of it for you!

This program is recommended for social influencers (youtube, facebook, instagram, etc.) and online resellers only.

Drop Shipping

Our Drop Shipping program is designed as a fulfillment option for online or door to door resellers. This program allows for larger pricing discounts as quantities increase, with the option to drop ship or purchase stock in small quantities.

This program is recommended for online resellers with a personal website, and or door to door salesmen.

Distribution Program

Our Distribution program is built for resellers that cater directly to our end users. Bulk pricing discounts are provided depending on order size. In this program resellers are responsible for the stocking, selling, and primary customer service of Luma III products to worldwide customers.

Pricing levels are negotiated on a case by case basis.